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Australian Fire Opal

Our company ‘Seven Opal’ is leading producer of Australian Opal. We specialise in mining, cutting, polishing and grading of Australian Opals. We make calibrated sizes from 1.5 mm Australian Opal round, 2mm Australian Opal round, 3mm Australian Opal round, 4mm Australian Opal Rounds, 5mm Australian Opal Road, Peer Shaped Australian Opal, Marquise Shaped Australian Opal, 3mmx4mm Australian Opal Oval Cabochon, 4mmx5mm Australian Opal Oval Cabochon, 5mmx6mm Australian Opal Oval Cabochon, 6mmx8mm Australian Opal Oval Cabochon, 7mmx9mm Australian Opal Oval Cabochon, 8mmx10mm Australian Opal Oval Cabochon, Australian Opal Octagons, Australian Opal Diamond cut, Australian Opal Rectangle, Australian Opal Square and Free Size.

We provide exclusive Australian Opal with fire for Astrology in India. Our Opals are supplied directly to the clients through our website We have strong and safe doorstep delivery network through Fedex. We keep Australian Opal of sizes 2 ratti,3 ratti,4 ratti, 5 ratti, 6 ratti,7 ratti, 8 ratti,9 ratti,10 ratti, 11 ratti, 12 ratti,13 ratti, 14 ratti,15 ratti,16 ratti, 17 ratti, 18 ratti, 19 ratti, 20 ratti and other custom size also. We keep fire opal ranging from Rs.200 per ratti to Rs 5000 per ratti. We supply fire opal in colours of green, red, blue, yellow, orange and rainbow colour fire. We can also customize white opal cutting as according to the client need. We provide original certified opals. We can get the certificate for originality and natural Australian Opal from IGI and other authorised semi precious gem testing laboratories. We have leading Opal Dealers and Opal Suppliers linked to us who are regularly buying Australian fire opal from us.

We also manufacture Opal Jewellery like Australian Opal Pendants, rings and earrings. Contact Us:

Message From the Director Desk

During this pandemic of COVID-19, We are still supplying Australian Opal in free sizes and calibrated sizes to India and rest parts of world. We have developed capabilities to show the product real time in special built studio through online conferencing with special high resolution cameras. This helps in choosing the right product and ordering it online.

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