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Our Manufacturing Overview

We are Miner and Manufacturer of Australian Opals and not the Trader

Lot of companies are present online and selling gemstone without authentic proof of origin. Synthetic gemstones are threat to online business. It is very difficult for the buyers to believe online company for the supply of authentic product specially Gemstones.

We understood all these issues and introduced  our gemstone manufacturing business online so that customers has direct approach to manufacturer for better price and quality. 

Our company expertise in mining of Opal in Coober Pedy, South Australia. After mining, cutting and polishing is done in different shapes according to customer requirements. We use best machines and techniques to polish Australian Opals. We provide perfect shapes that suit your personality.

We have trusted presence for online supply of Australian Opal. We are supplying calibrated Australian opals to various jewelry industries based in India, Australia, Thailand, Canada, United States, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong and European countries. We are the most genuine source of Australian Opal.

We have direct customers and around 1700 astrologers buying Australian Opal online from us.

Problem in buying Gemstone Online

It is very tough to buy gemstone online as lot of websites are hosting range of gemstones and do not expertise in specific one gemstone. It is always a question in buyers mind to whom to trust for genuine, right price and quality gemstone online. Problems related to delivery and money guarantee is also there in online business.

Customer always thinks to either buy gemstone through jeweler or gemstone dealer from the local market but the range availability is limited with them.

It is always the wish of a online buyer to connect to direct manufacturer for genuine, original, best priced gemstones.

You can purchase Opal from our website and your money is safe. We provide with what you have ordered. We guarantee your 100% refund if you do not like the Opal. You can also request a video call for choosing a Opal of your choice. We guarantee delivery of your Opal within three working days.

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Calibrated Size Opal

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Message from Director Desk

We are providing polished Original Australian Opal at very competitive prices as we do not have any middle man between mines to finished product. Our prices are cheapest compared to the kind of polish we offer and finish of Australian Opals.

Our Opal does not crack as they are mined from very deep inside the earth surface. Most importantly, We guarantee the origin of Opal through our own certification of authentication.

Original Australian Opal- Untreated, Unheated & Certified


Our company ‘Seven Opal’ is leading producer of 100% Original Australian Opal, unheated, untreated, certified. We also specialize in mining, cutting, polishing and grading of Original Australian Opal. In other words, we have the best collection of Original Australian Opal
Most importantly, Seven Opal is well known worldwide to make free size white opal stone, fire opal stone in carat, ratti & sava ratti sizes and in calibrated sizes like Oval, Round, Pear, Marquise shapes in premium Hong Kong cut and polish.

SIZES in MM, Carat & Ratti

1.5 mm Opal round, 2mm Opal round, 3mm Opal round, 4mm Opal Round, 5mm Opal Round, Peer Shaped Australian Opal, Marquise Shape, 3×4 mm Oval, 4×5 mm Oval, 5×6 mm Oval, 6×8 mm Oval, 7×9 mm Oval, 8×10 mm Oval , Octagons, Opal Diamond cut, Australian Opal Rectangle, Australian Opal Square.
Similarly, Australian Opal of sizes 2 ratti,3 ratti,4 ratti, 5 ratti, 6 ratti,7 ratti, 8 ratti,9 ratti,10 ratti, 11 ratti, 12 ratti, 13 ratti, 14 ratti, 15 ratti, 16 ratti, 17 ratti, 18 ratti, 19 ratti, 20 ratti, sava ratti sizes are always available and other custom size can also be made.


Firstly, the Opal Gemstones has long been known for its effects of love and luxuriousness. It is a very sensual gemstone and is supposed to be a stone that attracts lovers.
Secondly, as opal is the gemstone for Venus. Wearing Opal brings love and happiness in life. In addition, it has numerous positive effects on our life. Being the national gemstone of Australia, opal was formed many years ago in cracks and spaces by the combination of silica and water.
However, It is the most colorful among all the gems and the play of iridescent colors, it is the most beautiful semi precious gemstone.


In Conclusion, you can get 100% original, natural Opal from here. Along with the Opal, you will also get the information for the proper method of wearing this gemstone. We also perform puja energization of the gemstone and then dispatch it to our clients.
Seven Opal provide exclusive and effective Original Australian Opal with fire for Astrology in India. Our Opals are supplied directly to the clients through our website www.sevenopal.com. We have strong and safe doorstep delivery network through Bluedart, FedEx, Delhivery.
Seven Opal supply white Opal & fire opal ranging from Rs 200 per ratti to Rs 40000 per ratti. We supply fire opal in colors of green, red, blue, yellow, orange and rainbow color fire. And, also customize white opal cutting as according to the client need is possible.


Certificate of authenticity, Testing Report of our Original Australian Opal from IGI, GJEPC, IGI-GTL and other authorized semi precious gem testing laboratories can also be provided. There are various leading Opal Dealers and Opal Suppliers linked to us who are regularly buying Australian fire opal from us.
We are certified member of Opal Association of Australia.
Seven Opal also manufacture Opal Jewelry like Australian Opal Rings, Opal Pendants, Opal earings. Please contact us at +91-8718806652 for further assistance.

Memberships & Certifications