What is the difference between Australian Opal & Ethiopian Opal ?

Natural & Certified Australian Opal stone

Opal Gemstone displays beautiful Optical Phenomenon called ‘Play of Color’. Opal Stones with ‘Play of Color’ are called Fire Opal. Opal is Birthstone of October month.

In the broad category of Opals, Australian Opals and Ethiopian Opals (welo opals) are mostly running in market. But in India as people are concerned about astrological benefits of Opals, we should know about the astrological superiority from both Australian & Ethiopian Opal. Both australian opals and Ethiopian opals are majorly differ in terms of visibility, life cycle, astrological benefits and price range-

  1. Visibility
    • Australian Opal gemstone comes in very white base color without fire called “White Opal” and in white base color with play of color on it called “Fire Opal“. Ethiopian Opal also comes in Fire.
    • Australian Opals generally comes in translucent and Opaque in nature while Ethiopian Opal comes only in translucent in nature.
    • Australian Opals have a rich and colorful intense fire flashes on both sides or single side of the opal that remains forever but Contrastingly, the fire in Ethiopian opal is less intense and slightly unstable. Being hydrophane by nature, Ethiopian Opals absorbs moisture and loses its fire momentarily during humid season but Australian Opal naturally contains water and water does not alter its appearance and its remains the same life long.
  2. Life Cycle
    • As, Australian Opal are generally contains water about 6-12% and typically non hydrophane in nature, it is a considered to be life long stone with forever fire flashes while wearing it in ring or pendant, But in Ethiopian being hydrophane in nature, it absorbs water and when it become dry the surface get rough and fire is lost within 2-3 months of wearing it
  3. Astrological benefits
    • As Fire Opal is always considered to be the most benefitted astrological gemstone for Venus. The long lasting will be the fire, the long lasting will be its benefits, Therefore, it is always recommended to buy the best quality Australian opal in order to ensure maximum astrological benefits.
  4. Price Range
    • Australian Opal are ever shine and having forever fire having price range from Rs. 200 per Carat without fire to Rs. 40000 per carat in premium gem quality double side fire. Whereas, the ethiopian opals are generally comes in cheap prices due to its short durability and non importance in astrological purpose.
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